I like  growing and cooking delicious food, playing music, meeting people both near and far, digging into the murky past,  then, writing about it all. It’s like doing it twice.

Como Lake Milkweed Pods Waiting for Monarchs


I’ve been a professional musician most of my life and have incorporated writing, historical research, urban agriculture and technology into my repertoire. I write on a free range of topics, some stories have evolved into books !  Take a look around, buy some books if you like. Interested in Mobile Apps or Marketing? Checkout my biz.




Gravlax is so succulent and wonderful that even squeamish folks who wouldn’t eat sashimi love it. I personally enjoy the fatty fish from Norwegian farms. It melts in your mouth. A Norwegian native friend, Anne, showed me how to prepare it as it’s done at home. Of course there was no recipe ( written that …