I enjoy  growing and cooking delicious food, playing music, meeting people, near and far, foraging in the murky past,  then, writing about it all. It’s like doing it twice.


I was born and spent my early years in the North End of Saint Paul, MN, US, where I currently reside.  I’ve worked as a professional musician most of my life, performing in the US, Europe, Central and South America.

Other jobs I have had include: soldier, taxi driver, sheet rocker, tree planter, software developer, chef, dishwasher, truckdriver, music teacher, tamale vendor, urban farmer, railroad worker and a scattering of day jobs.

Being a father has been the most exciting, educational and rewarding career.

Following my interests, I write on a free range of topics, some stories have evolved into books !

I often see faces in trees, clouds and toast.


A few poems

Somewhere North of Tucson After a drawing by Robert Hale A quiver of flaming arrows hangs highIn a restless blue sky.Buttes, the color of ancient blood, andA pile of bleached bones, spilled on the floor of arroyo secoHum along with the song of the saguaros. The desert here breathes long and shallow,The sand and rocks …