A few poems

Veteran’s Day
If war produces one thing it’s lots of cemeteries and
In cemeteries there are no enemies
— Heaven and Earth, film by Oliver Stone

I remain unable to re-enter the atmosphere
Suspended in disbelief that we continue manufacturing
Wars and marketing them like mattress sales
As I claim my free lunch
My compass no longer points north
In the universe there is no up or down or
Weeks and months or holidays
Only revolutions

Gimme Five

scent sight


touch taste


First Flakes – Multiple Choice Haiku
Stillness, first snowflakes fall
Red leaves glow on jeweled grass

Long nights till sap runs
2 bowls of miso soup
Moon barks at wet dog
Wet dog barks at moon
I forgot the password

Braided Water
My kitchen sink frames the story
A flip of the wrist and out it tumbles,

Cascades over rocky ledges of plates, swirling
Peas trapped in teacup eddies,
Riffles over spoons, then forks

Not like the river
It is the river we drink

The Misi-ziibi tunnels into our homes,
Overflows our lips,
Beating hearts hurry it along, sweeten each cell,

It surges through our veins out to sea, etches
Our arteries into the skin of the earth, weaves
Us into the watery web.

White water gray water black water brown

13 red and white stripes celebrate.
The Cuyahoga self-immolates in protest

Attempts to launder responsibility— fail.
Toxic fingerprints crawl all over the landscape.
Corporations are people, but no one claims the Dead Zone.

Consider the 18 million bodies sustained by this water.
Cultivate a vision of life downstream.
Listen to the river inside you.